Links to Other Resources

Association for Meridian Therapies (AMT) – Massive resource for everything meridian.

BSFF – Larry Nim’s useful web site focused on his own version of EFT, Be Set Free Fast.

Carol Tuttle – Remembering Wholeness is simple and profound. Carol Tuttle’s message is a gift that will open you to a new level of understanding. She offers her light with gratitude and a pure heart. Find salve for your wounded soul.

Essential Skills – Amazing, Street-Wise, Essential Skills Will Turn YOU Into A Persuasive Power-House!…with Practical Skills You Can Use Immediately! Real Skills for the Real World. – provides hypnosis training courses in both stage hypnotism and hypnotherapy from one of the world’s most renowned stage hypnotists, Jonathan Royle. – find the finest quality CD hypnosis sessions from qualified mental health professionals. Hypnosis Network provides proven hypnosis audio solutions from ending procrastination to losing weight.

Hypnotherapy of Nevada – Information about hypnosis, self-hypnosis, weight-loss, sexual issues, stress management, stop smoking, and much more. Private sessions and extensive selection of self-hypnosis audio programs available.

Lifeworks-Group – Christine Sutherland’s group in Perth, Australia. Resource for EFT, BSFF, and other meridian and energy therapies.

Oregon Hypnotherapy Association – Oregon’s only association for Hypnotherapists is a source for Hypnotherapists seeking a local or regional connection with fellow therapists and a resource for live continuing education. The OHA meets 3 times per year.

Rapid Eye Institute – training, products, demos, video, and more for Rapid Eye Therapists and those interested in Rapid Eye Technology. The only place on earth where you can learn Rapid Eye Technology. 503-399-1181

Starfields Network – Project Sanctuary – Adventures In EFT – EFT & NLP – PowerFields – HypnoDreams – In Serein – MindMillion – Trainings With Silvia Hartmann. Inspirational, hard hitting, concise, ruthlessly practical – here are the brass tacks of energy magic, emotional control, creativity, intelligence enhancement and reality creation from the United Kingdom’s premier researcher on true human potential, Dr Silvia Hartmann.

Terence Watts – One of the UK’s best Hypnotherapists. Great scripts, training and much more.

Wendi Friesen – A Better Way to Change your Mind!
Wendi Friesen has pioneered new methods and training to help you change your mind and change your life. Specializing in Medical conditions, cancer, migraines, chronic pain. Wendi also specializes in Sexual issues such as impotence, lack of desire and sexual enhancement. You can learn about breast enlargement with hypnosis at her web site.