The following are instructions on how to perform a number of remarkably powerful and effective therapy processes.

BSFF – Be Set Free Fast. Larry Nims’ alteration of Emotional Freedom Technique that includes automation.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique by Gary Craig. Tap on your body to reduce or eliminate emotional problems.

  • Click here to download Christina Sutherland’s excellent and complete Emotional Freedom Technique manual.
  • Download my single page handout simplified version of EFT.
    • View my own Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) video.

Eye Patching – sometimes called “Pirate Therapy” uses a simple eye patch for bringing about significant change in a short amount of time.

RET – A demonstration version of Rapid Eye Technology by Ranae Johnson. Use the eyes and eye lids to reduce or eliminate harmful stress.

Sedona Method– this short demonstration of the technique shows how it can be used to set goals.